Miriam Stella

The Style Authority Interview Miriam Stella / Italy

An Italian engineer with a passion for fashion? Miriam Stella is just that! Pursuing her profession as an engineer during the day, Miriam turns into a professional fashion blogger at night.

Miriam is an active member of the established ‘Italian Fashion Bloggers’ and in ‘Is Fashion My Passion?’ she blogs about all her obsessions, including fashion, lifestyle, design and travel. Living in Italy, style inspirations are not hard to find, so as well as giving her very own style advice, Miriam’s blog also frequently provides a glimpse into Italian Street fashion and trends.

  • Who are you key style influences?

    I love aristocratic and ‘bon ton’ style, mixed together with personal style influences. I either stick to a single style or I mix various fashion inspirations and style ideas, but I make sure the result is always rich. Minimalism is very little to me!

  • What is your first style moment?

    My first time was when I saw my mother applying her makeup and getting dressed before leaving. The way she chose her clothes and shoes she was wearing – my mother she was my first fashion inspiration! However, I think things like personal style are within our DNA.

  • What is your favourite fur moment?

    That is every year in February, when I see the new proposals and fashion trends for the following winter. When the first cold comes, and I can finally put them on, I always this soft feeling, unsurpassed really! I am very sensitive to cold, and temperatures as cold as 10-13 ° C actually put me at risk of getting frostbites. So for me, fur is essential during winter.


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