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The Style Authority Interview Samantha De Reviziis / Italy

Italian Fashion Designer, Samantha De Reviziis turned her passion for fur into a successful second career as a professional blogger with ‘We Love Fur’. As ‘Lady Fur’, Samantha is the first independent fur blogger on the web and is involved in a number of on and offline fashion projects and collaborations with online magazines.

A tuned radar for current fashion trends teamed up with her Italian style-roots, Samantha is also working as an established fashion designer and is due to launch her very own fashion collection ‘Lady Granny’. Another ambition: her own ‘We Love Fur’ – office in Monte Carlo!

  • Who are you key style influences?

    My key influences are the materials, sensations, colours, and all kind of forms and structures. I also draw my inspiration from people: what people are wearing, for example: vintage, in movies, in music, in culture,... There are many things which influence my mind and my way of seeing things for example at the moment I'm influenced by Japan style.

  • What is your first style moment?

    Since I was little I have imagined changing, modifying and making beautiful dresses, fashion and even home accessories. I have always had a lot of imagination, idea, inventiveness and many dreams!

    When I saw and touched a fabric I could see the dress already finished in my mind. Then, one day I decided to create a dress for a special party and I realized that I wanted to became a good fashion designer. Slowly but surely I’m getting there: around January I will launch my new personal women's and men's collection: the brand is “LadyGranny” and will be presented during Pitti Fashion Fair in Florence.

  • What is your favourite fur moment?

    I was born in the word of fur. When I was very young I played a game with my granny, I had to recognize the type of fur with my eyes closed but I only really understood that the fur world is in my heart when I attended a sorting course at Kopenhagen Fur Auction House.

    I love working with fur because it is the most ductile material in the world and I can fully express my creativity. When I wear fur I feel unique and beautiful. For the moment I'm working for Carlo Ramello furrier and when we create a collection I could stay in the laboratory for 24 hours consecutively!

    I love fur!


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