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The international fur trade is a responsible and growing industry. More than one million people are employed full-time by the fur trade worldwide and many more on a part-time basis.   Fur is more popular than ever.  People are wearing fur in greater numbers and more designers are choosing to feature evermore fur in their collections.  

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The global fur trade

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Worldwide IFTF members

For IFTF in your country click on the continent above or contact the IFTF team in London

The Fur trade in Namibia  

Member name: Karakul Board of Namibia
Website address: www.swakara.net

Contact: swakara@agra.com.na

The Fur trade in New Zealand  

Member name: New Zealand Fur Council Incorporated

Contact: neil.mackie@woolyarns.co.nz

The Fur trade in Canada  

Member name: Fur Institute of Canada
Website address: www.fur.ca

Contact: rcahill@fur.ca

Member name: Fur Council of Canada
Website address: www.furcouncil.com

Contact: alanh@furcouncil.com

Member name: Canada Mink Breeders Associaition

Website address: www.canadamink.ca

Contact: cmba@ica.net

The Fur trade in USA  

Member name: Fur Information Council of America
Website address: www.fur.org

Contact: keith@fur.org

Member name: Fur Commission USA
Website address: www.furcommission.com

Contact: MW@furcommission.com

The Fur trade in Argentina  

Member name: FACIF
Website address: www.facif.com.ar

Contact: facif@facif.com.ar

The Fur trade in Brazil  

Member name: ACHILA
Website address: www.achila.com.br

Contact: chillacenter@terra.com.br

The Fur trade in China  

Member name: China Fur Commission
Website address: www.chinaleather.org


Member name: China National Native Produce and Animal By-Products Import and Export Corporation
Website address: www.cofco.com

Contact: lxn@cofco.com

Member name: Young Entrepreneurs Fur Committee
Contact: szhu@iftf.com

Member name: China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Foodstuffs, Native Produce & Animal By-Products
Website address: www.ccfna.org.cn

Contact: linshanshan@ccfna.org.cn 

Member name: China Animal Products Marketing Association

Contact: 66021003@163.com

The Fur trade in HongKong  

Member name: Hong Kong Fur Federation
Website address: www.hkff.org

Contact: fur@hkff.org

The Fur trade in Japan  

Member name: Japan Fur Association
Website address: www.fur.or.jp

Contact: mori@fur.or.jp

The Fur trade in South Korea  

Member name: Korea Fur Industry Cooperative
Website address: www.kfic.or.kr

Contact: kfic@kfic.or.kr

The Fur trade in Austria  

Member name: Bundesgremium des Agrarhandels Wirtschaftskammer Österreich
Website address: www.wko.at/agrarhandel

Contact: agrarhandel@wko.at

The Fur trade in Belgium  

Member name: Belgische Bontfederatie VZW
Website address: www.bontfederatie.be

Contact: info@bontfederatie.be

The Fur trade in Denmark  

Member name: Kopenhagen Fur
Website address: www.kopenhagenfur.com

Contact: dn@kopenhagenfur.com

Member name: Dansk Pelsgrossistforening
Website address: www.danskpelsgrossistforening.dk

Contact: mistampe@gmail.com

The Fur trade in Estonia  

Member name: Estonian Fur Association
Website address: www.furs.ee

Contact: info@furs.ee

The Fur trade in Finland  

Member name: Fur Finland
Website address: www.sagafurs.com

Contact: anni.lensu@sagafurs.com

The Fur trade in France  

Member name: Association La Fourrure Française
Website address: www.lafourrurefrancaise.fr

Contact: contact@lafourrurefrancaise.fr

The Fur trade in Germany  

Member name: German Fur Association
Website address: www.deutscherpelzverband.de

Contact: bs@fur-fashion-frankfurt.de

The Fur trade in Greece  

Member name: Hellenic Fur Federation
Website address: www.helfurfe.gr

Contact: helfurfe@otenet.gr

The Fur trade in Hungary  

Member name: Hungarian Fur Trade Association
Website address: www.hfta.hu

Contact: lamoga@hfta.hu

The Fur trade in Iceland  

Member name: Icelandic Fur Trade Association
Website address: www.furrier.is

Contact: eggert@furrier.is

The Fur trade in Ireland  

Member name: Irish Fur Breeders’ Association
Website address: www.irishfur.com

Contact: ifba@eircom.net

The Fur trade in Italy  

Member name: Associazione Italiana Pellicceria
Website address: www.aip.it

Contact: mifur.alessandra@tin.it

The Fur trade in Netherlands  

Member name: Netherlands Bont Instituut
Website address: www.bontwijzer.nl

Contact: vandekamp@furlab.nl

The Fur trade in Norway  

Member name: Pelsinform
Website address: www.pelsinform.no

Contact: tveter@norpels.no

Member name: Norges Pelsdyralslag


The Fur trade in Poland  

Member name: Polish Fur Federation
Website address: www.stowarzyszenie-fp.pl

Contact: krzysp@nutrex.com.pl

The Fur trade in Portugal  

Member name: National Association of Clothing Manufacturers
Website address: www.anivec.com

Contact: tecnico@anivec.com

The Fur trade in Russia  

Member name: Russian Fur Union
Website address: www.rpms.ru

Contact: info@rpms.ru

Member name: AC "Sojuzpushnina" Ltd.
Website address: www.sojuzpushnina.ru

Contact: sojuzpushnina@sojuzpushnina.ru

The Fur trade in Slovakia  

Member name: Asociácia Kozusnikov Slovenska
Website address: www.asociaciaks.sk

Contact: asociaciaks@mail.t-com.sk

The Fur trade in Slovenia  

Member name: Chamber of Craft and Small Businesses Section of Furriers and Tanners
Website address: www.ozs.si

Contact: mateja.loparnik@ozs.si

The Fur trade in Spain  

Member name: Organización Empresarial Española de la Peletería (OEEP)
Website address: www.oeep.net

Contact: oeep@empresas.inescop.com

The Fur trade in Sweden  

Member name: FTC
Website address: www.modecenter.se

Contact: ftcsweden.hoffman@gmail.com

Member name: Swedish Fur Breeders' Association
Website address: www.spr.nu

Contact: johan.dalen@svenskmink.se

The Fur trade in Switzerland  

Member name: SwissFur - Schweizerischer
Website address: www.swissfur.ch

Contact: swissfur@centrepatronal.ch

The Fur trade in Turkey  

Member name: KSIAD (Fur Industrialists & Businessmen Association)
Website address: www.ksiad.com

Contact: info@ksiad.com

The Fur trade in Ukraine  

Member name: Ukrainian Association of Furriers
Website address: www.fur.com.ua

Contact: ukrfur@ua.fm

The Fur trade in United Kingdom  

Member name: British Fur Trade Association
Website address: www.britishfur.co.uk

Contact: robert@britishfur.co.uk

Trade news

  • Saga Tutor Seminar

    From 17-21 March, Saga Furs invited teachers and students from around the world to participate in their Tutor Seminar. Paolo Consonni, teacher at IED Milano, attended the event.

    Posted: 11/04/2014 | WeAreFur

  • ILOE’s second year promises growth

    After the successful lauch of the International Luxury Outerwear Expo (ILOE) in 2013, the second event is set to take place on 27-29 April 2014.

    Posted: 02/04/2014 | WeAreFur

  • New global figures revealed

    The 28 March issue of The Economist magazine revealed the value of the global fur trade, as reported from an independent study by PwC Italy in 2012-13. The result was that the global fur trade is valued at more than $40bn – roughly the same as the Wi-Fi industry.

    Posted: 31/03/2014 | WeAreFur

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Why Choose Fur?

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