Remix Awards and Winners

International Design Award

2016 Daniel Kohavi, Israel

2015 Yusuf Kalem

2014 Shohei Ohashi, Japan

2013 Thom Barends, Netherland

2012 Alexander Krantz, Sweden

2011 Sarah Lam Woon Hei, Hong Kong

2010 Laura Grillo, Italy

2009 Chiu Yu Hang, Hong Kong

2008 Bianca-Maria Keil, Germany

2007 Delfine Cefbert, France

2006 Alexandra Shadrina, Russia

2005 Atsuko Yamamoto, Japan

2004 Fabio Simone, Italy

OA™ Award

2013 Thom Barends, Netherland

2012 Assunta Iorio, Italy

2011 Annika Heikinheimo, Finland

2010 Eliana Dimitrakoupolou, Greece

Pimp My Coat

2014 Nikoline Liv Andersen, Denmark

2013 Shohei Ohashi, Japan

2012 Cristina Ramirez Ruiz

2011 Thom Olson, USA

Menswear Award

2013 Sophie Skach,Austria

Remix Winners 2016

International Design Award Winner 2016:

Daniel Kohavi // Israel

This year Daniel Kohavi, from Israel was awarded the Gold prize. Daniel wowed the jury with three looks that blended angelic wings with distressed fur to create a ‘fallen from heaven’ look. Her collection was inspired by installations created by the artist Claire Morgan. Daniel recently completed an internship at Lee Grebenau and is currently studying at her country’s famous university Shenkar College.

Daniel Kohavi Remix 2016 Finalist

Silver International Design Award 2016

Ali Koc // Turkey

The REMIX Silver prize went to Ali Koc from Turkey for his psychedelic pieces combining swirling black and white furs for a true optical illusion. Ali graduated in Fashion and Textile design from Namik Kemal University in 2011, and went on to study Business Administration and Management at Anadolu University, graduating in 2013.

Ali Koc Remix Finalist 2016


Bronze International Design Award 2016

Edda Gimnes // United Kingdom

Edda Gimnes from the UK scooped the Bronze award with her abstract pieces focused on bringing sketches to life. Her collection used a blend of mink furs in black and white. Edda has recently graduated in Womenswear from London College of Fashion.

Edda Gimnes Remix Finalist 2016

People’s Choice Award 2016

Louisa Ogaard Reinholdt Jakobsen // Denmark

For the first time in its 14 year history, REMIX awarded a people’s choice accolade, with the winner chosen by votes cast by those in attendance at the event. The first winner of the people’s choice is Louisa Ogaard Reinholdt Jakobsen from Denmark. Her collection blended geometric and swirling coloured furs over white dresses to create a stand out look. Louisa had recently graduated from Kolding Design School after studying Textiles.

Louisa Øgaard Reinholdt Jakobsen Remix 2016 Finalists