German fur fashion house wins court victory banning protests over Christmas

  • Bogner Fur Protest

Animal rights activists have been banned from protesting outside fur shops in Germany in the run up to Christmas.

In a major blow to their planned campaign of harassment and intimidation, a judge has ruled they must allow shoppers the space and freedom to purchase fur without fear.

The well-known Bogner fashion house was granted the injunction against Deutsches Tierschutzburo, an anti-fur group.

The Bonn District Court has now forbidden animal rights activists to organize any forms of anti-fur campaigns against ten Bogner fashion stores until December 31.

A Bogner spokesperson said the company was forced to take radical actions due to the extreme activity of several animal rights activists who attacked the Bogner branch in Berlin, distributing confetti and making bogus statements that the company sells dog fur.

The Bogner spokesman said:

“We have no intention to prevent their (AR) commitment to animal welfare.

“However, such safety measures are necessary to protect employees, customers and shop furnishings from further overshoots.”

Deutsches Tierschutzburo was angered by the court’s decision. A spokesman said:

“It is a massive cut in the freedom of opinion and demonstration.”

Mick Madsen, a spokesman for Fur Europe, said:

“Economic sabotage of otherwise legal businesses is unfortunately a part of the animal rights mindset.

“It shows how little respect for human beings and democratic values animal activists have.

“Bogner deserves respect for standing up for their business instead of succumbing to the pressure. And the court in Bonn has drawn a line and pointed out there is a difference between having an opinion and enforcing your opinion on others.

“The fur sector needs to reach out to fashion retailers exposed to animal rights pressure and give them proper information about our beautiful products. When people want to buy fur, a handful of bullies are not supposed to deny them their freedom to do so.

“It is a very important victory for the fur trade.”

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