Freedom to choose fur

Real Fur vs. Faux Fur Debate

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Freedom of choice is something that the fur sector respects very strongly. Fur is a luxury and as a result the businesses that work in this historied and highly skilled area are dependant on members of the public taking the choice to use and wear it. We value the freedoms we all share in determining our own choices in how we live our lives: who we meet, where we go and what we wear. Everyone should have the freedom to make their own decisions in this regard and we fundamentally reject calls to restrict or ban people from making their own decisions.

When opponents of fur speak in the media and online, they often call for a “ban” on fur. Whether it be trade, farming or harvesting from abundant populations you can’t read much from these opponents words before you come across a proposal to legally sanction activities to do with fur. In modern times we have some of the greatest varieties of choice in some fields, while in others things are much more restricted. This all or nothing view of the world, where when somebody sees something they don’t like they immediately call for a ban is immature, intolerant and not something in our view to be welcomed in society.

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Everyone should have the right to produce, buy and wear fur if they want to. Those who do not like the industry for whatever reason whether it be based on accurate information or not, should be free to do that too.

The International Fur Federation believes there are too many bans in the world. Life is best when you have the freedom to choose. Take our interactive quiz below to see how the FreedoMeter rates you.

Do you actually know why you can’t eat that avocado? There is someone, somewhere creating a ban telling you what you should and shouldn’t consume. Have some fun with this exercise below and find out about all of the outrageous bills that have approached the possibility of becoming a ban. Some of this ridiculousness has actually succeeded.