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Karakul, Namibia Fur Farm, International Fur Federation

The traditions and expertise that go into producing Swakara have been developed over 110 years and provide vitally important income to rural communities in Namibia. As well as producing one of the most exclusive and high quality furs, these farmers adhere to the highest standards, frequently updating their code of practice.

Swakara production is covered by numerous pieces of government legislation including the “Karakul Pelts and Wool Act.” More recently, the government has allowed Swakara production to be covered by the “Farm Assured Namibian Meat Scheme” which allows for farm inspections under the same standards applied to the meat industry.

These animals are uniquely well suited to the extreme but delicate environment of Namibia, being able to forage from native plants without destroying or uprooting the flora, unlike other less-suited forms of animal agriculture like cattle herding.

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