Saga Furs Celebrates 30 Years in China With Fashion Show

  • Saga Furs Celebrates 30 Years in China

Three decades ago Saga Furs and the House of Dior collaborated to present a milestone — the first-ever luxury fur fashion show in China. To celebrate the occasion and 30 years’ of efforts in China, Saga Furs held a spectacular fashion show on 1 November in conjunction with Beijing Fashion Week.

“Since that first ground-breaking show, the Chinese luxury market has grown into a 250-billion-euro business. China represents a substantial portion of our auction sales, thanks to hard work and our constant presence in the country,” says Samantha Vesala, Saga Furs’ Asia Business Director.

“We have collaborated with the Chinese fur trade as well as numerous designers and design schools over the years and have seen constant growth in the numbers of young people who have chosen fur fashion as a career path.”

Spectacular show reveals designers’ brand-new styles and makes the old new again

Fur pieces that graced the runway were created by Saga Furs partners: Brandon Sun, Crystoline, Dai-Ichi Madam, Enaga, Haze and James, Michelle Fur, Shulan and Yingdak. The show also featured some revamped garments from the original 1986 presentation – done by former Dior designer Federic Castet – as well as inspiring creations from Saga Furs Design Centre.

Some highlight of the show were: the Moms & Kids collection featuring matching pieces for the two generations; and, the vintage garments from the Design Centre that had received a makeover that echoed the past but still represented the fashion of today.

30 years of recognition for innovation, unique partnerships, quality and sustainability

The catwalk show drew 350 guests, including the Finnish ambassador to China, and 50 media representatives, and proved to be a major event of Beijing Fashion Week.

Saga Furs staging of the 30th Anniversary fashion show received wide media coverage, especially the Moms & Kids and vintage pieces.

Samantha Vesala sums up the results of Saga Furs’ efforts in China by saying: “For 30 years Saga Furs has worked closely with the Chinese fur and fashion industry, building the brand step-by-by with the trade to a point where Saga Furs is the most trusted brand of superior quality fur. Saga Furs and the Chinese market have grown together by supporting each other. Saga Furs has become an integral part of China’s fur industry.”

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