Class of 2016


Alexandros Kotoulas is a greek designer specialised in high
end leather goods and fur accessories.

He is the founder and creative director of ALEXQUISITE, a brand that stands for superior quality, handmade leather goods and intelligent design that is tailor-made to the needs and
tastes of a contemporary, mobile aesthete. The core principle of Alexquisite’s design ethos is soft design — a design language that blends together practicality and function with intuitive beauty and a playful involvement of all the senses.

Born and raised in Greece, I am a furrier from Kastoria who has been working on fur since I was a young boy. I have a great passion and love for fur making with quality. Communicating with other people inspires me as I can learn about different cultures, which is one of the reasons why I enjoyed the summer school in 2016.

Greek Canadian girl born in Kastoria, Greece or else the “Fur City”. My family has been in the Fur Industry for four generations (since 1920).

It all started when I watched my furrier father cutting pieces of the mink pelts, my only concern was how to fully reclaim them and with a bit of creativity turn them into something remarkable. Ever since I can remember myself till now I am turning this amazing garment (Fur) into Accessories and anything else the imagination can reach!

My name is Pernille Caroline Moripen, I’m a Norwegian authorized furrier with my own fur studio and boutique, Moripen Buntmakeri, in the south of Norway.
I have been in the fur business since 2010 and I have loved every minute of it. I became a furrier because I’ve always loved fur and leather and I didn’t want to become a regular designer. Fur is more difficult but fun to work with. I can’t see myself not working with fur. I love it too much to stop.

My name is Siiri Kaseorg. I was born in 1990 in Estonia. I spended my childhood on the
biggest island in Estonia, Saaremaa. Arounded with beautiful nature and good people.
I have studied graphic design in Kuressaare Industrial School (Estonia) for two years.
Graduated in 2012. During which i had my exciting internship at Taevas Ogilvy advertising
agency in Tallinn.
In 2013 i saw everything in another point of view discovering the world and myself, working
in Australia.

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