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How are you social distancing at home? We give our top tips on what to do during the Coronavirus outbreak. From new Netflix series to our fave home workouts. Listen here to get your stay-at-home inspiration.
With our sustainability strategy launch underway, what better time to talk about Furmark then now? Answers to questions about what qualifies as a Furmark garment, what happens to fur that isn’t Furmark labelled, who will adopt the scheme, and many more are now on Fur Talks. Listen to better your understanding on IFF’s new global scheme.
Is cancel culture a form of bullying? Is faux activism threatening our freedom of choice and expression? How is the future of fashion looking in a cancel culture landscape? Join me, Gianluca Longo and 6 fashion and cultural commentators debate on the Fur Talks podcast. Listen on Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/join-gianluca-longo-6-fashion-commentators-debate-freedom/id1439486764?i=1000462012138 Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/7hxWfDwuiGXgEOss1jxagR
For the first time EVER, hear the Fur Guru narrate their stories on Fur Talks. How celebrities that pose as defenders of animal’s rights, own or represent brands that use animal-deriving ingredients, begging the question: do these celebrities reflect a public mood? Or are they cashing in at the expense of an entire industry?
Over-the-phone laughs with the one and only, Derek Warburton. We talk about our love of fur, Derek's show 'All Access', fashion weeks, current trends, change in fashion, personal choice and living your life! Make sure to tune in to listen to our fun chat on the above and much more.
We have a discussion with three BFTA competition students on what they think of fur, what their view on sustainability is, what common sense means to them in terms of educating yourselves before reading everything that's online, and much more. Joining me is our Sustainability Manager to also have her input on all things sustainability, certification and traceability. Make sure to give it a listen to get useful insight from the BFTA competition winners and a worthy discussion.
GQ and the British Fur Trade Federation discuss the future of fur in menswear and it's position in the fashion industry. Moderated by editor in chief of British GQ Dylan Jones, with panellists Astrid Andersen, Les Deux cofounder Andreas von der Heide and journalist Alexandra Castle, Yves Salomon and Frank Zilberkweit. For more please visit: https://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/gallery/gq-fur-trade-panel-discussion-2019 or https://www.wearefur.com/gq-x-bfta-lwfms-big-conversation/
1. WWD on the fur ban! Who says the fur industry is backing down? We're just turning up the heat...2. New York Post - Fourth generation furrier talks about their thriving fur-trade business and where the next generation is taking the industry.3. CNN - Anna Wintour talks plastic fur and how it's OBVIOUSLY more of a polluter than natural fur.
1. WWD coverage of REMIX, and much more on the magical night...2. South China Morning Post asks, 'are Burberry, John Galliano, DKNY & Versace wrong to ditch fur?' and I explain why they definitely are! 3. Fashion United questions which is more sustainable, vegan or animal-based fashion? Animal based fashion it is!
1. My Grandmother's fur coat... 35 years on. Bianca Margarit explains how a fur coat has a history and story behind it, compared to something like a throwaway plastic puffer jacket.2. Business of Fashion's article on why they think the anti-fur movement is winning, and I explain why social media is the biggest cause of pushing brands and people out of using fur.3. Did you see Justin Bieber's Louis Vuitton slippers? Here more about them here!
1. There's a strong ethical case for wearing leather and fur - The Quartzy give us more information on why that's TRUE! 2. Glamour magazine discuss the topic, if fur is killing animals and faux-fur is killing the planet, what on earth should one do? 3. Harpers Bazaar take a look back at the evolution of fashion weeks in photos, and what the runways looked like before social media.
1. Daily Mail speaks sense! Plastic fibres that pollute our oceans, factories using toxic chemicals, clothes that never decompose: Devotees think they're saving the planet, but we reveal the guilty secret about vegan fashion.2. The Freedom of Choice and the anti-fur movement that is attacking it.3. The Metro questions whether it's socially acceptable to wear a fur coat in public.
1. Vogue writer asks, 'Am I The Only One Who Feels Guilty About Wearing Fur?' It's anti-fur activists that are making you feel this way.2. REMIX 2019 is upon us! Listen here to find out who the jury are, what the theme is this year, and a comment from CEO of IFF, Mark Oaten.3. We've done an interview with Russian designer, Sergey Efremov and you can hear all about what he said right here! Fashion, fur, and more!
1. Could 2019 be a watershed year for fashion and sustainability? AnOther explain more about the future of fashion, and I look into it!2. LFWM's coverage! Find out about all the furs this LMFW !3. Should a celebrity ever be BULLIED just because they wear real fur and go against what anti-fur activists believe is correct? No, never!
1. @wwd - Plastic Waste Fuels the Fire in Faux vs Real Fur Debate. Find out why natural fur is of course, better 😊 What CEO of IFF, Mark Oaten said during an interview in London and more on FurMark. 2. Why eco-leather, synthetic sweaters and faux leather are TRUE poison by @samantha3. @forbes lists Emerging Fashion Brands to watch in 2019 and @sakspotts makes the list!
1. Is the industry simultaneously turning a blind eye to the inevitable flaws that accompanies plastic fur? 2. The Times explains that faux fur should be RELABELLED to plastic fur. Makes sense...3. Kendall and Kylie Jenner have launched a vegan and faux jacket line - but why has Kendall Jenner been seen wearing a natural fur coat if she now represents the anti-fur side?
1. Talk Radio explain how journalist Andre Walker has slammed the idea of phasing out meat and animal-based metaphors. Even founder of vegan food delivery service allplants.com, Jonathon Petrides, explains that the idea is absurd. Find out here what we think of this...2. Protests in city centre store, Flannels in Liverpool. We cover the event and discuss why protestors use bullying as a way to force brands and people to go fur-free.3. The Wall Street Journal explores the dilemma for social conscious consumers regarding natural...
1. Do you think plastic leather promoted by ethical designers like Stella McCartney is helping the environment? 2. Where do you stand on the plastic vs natural fur debate? Vogue Arabia gives us nuances of positivity surrounding natural fur.3. What do you think will happen if society bans fur? We would loose much more than fashion, find out here what else.Listen to our 6th episode to hear the answers to these questions, you won't want to miss it!
1. The Independent - Jean Paul Gaultier going fur-free AND CEO of IFF Mark Oaten's statement.2. The Lincolnite - Lincoln Christmas Market's fur-free pledge.3. Beyond Fashion Magazine - The Future of Sustainable Fashion and Social Responsibility.
1. Fur Europe reports to their members hub that the UK government will not ban fur.2. Vogue story on Magzter - 'My Mother, My Fur' -www.magzter.com/articles/12191/30…957/5bc6f9f57ec103. Elle Romania - Is ecological fur really an eco-friendly material?
1. Thomas Salomon interview with Hong Kong Tatler2. Business of Fashion article3. Vogue Italia and International Fur Trade Federation fur masterclass
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