A.J. Ugent Furs

A. J. Ugent Furs, family owned and operated by master furriers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin since 1922, features an extensive collection of furs, leathers, shearlings, woolens, specialty outerwear and accessories for men and women. We are a full service salon, offering expert on-site alterations, repairs, remodeling, cleaning and storage. Our loyal, repeat patronage is a testimony to our commitment to complete customer satisfaction. Treat yourself to affordable luxury.

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Genuine fur makes all the difference, and the superiority of real fur over the alternative is unmistakable. Fur Hat World is a longstanding furrier that sells only the highest quality fur and sheepskin products. A comprehensive and well-established resource for cozy, stylish warm winter head wear and accessories. Fur Hat World features top specialty fur brands like Norko™, FRR™, and Mad Bomber® with an emphasis on items made in Canada and the USA. We ship our products Worldwide in as little as 1-2 days!

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Established in 2006 as a small family business; Fur Source is now an industry leader in home decor, outerwear, and fashion accessories made from real fur. We specialize in luxury fur pieces made with the highest quality Origin Assured North American fur.  Fur Source is the parent of the Fur Source family of specialty stores; each focused on products that use natural eco-friendly materials like fur, sheepskin, and leather. We have production and distribution facilities in both the USA and Canada.  Browse through our wide selection of well-organized product listings online.

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We design it. We craft it. We live it.

HiSO is a Canadian heritage company specializing in sophisticated, premium outerwear. HiSO uses shearling, cashmere, leather, and fur to create timeless garments.

HiSO garments make your entrance just as memorable as your exit.

HiSO. There is no other.

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Lysa Lash is the fourth generation of her family working in the art and business of fur. As a designer, she has modernized the concept of fur to rock a new, contemporary generation of fashionable women.

Her posh insider rendezvous have become the social and fashion seasons’ most coveted invites. Lysa’s pop-up shows are exciting happenings in hip venues that feature wine, women and exclusive couture styles, plus bespoke service and a mini-education in fur!

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Madison Avenue Furs / Henry Cowit Inc is a 75 year old, third generation, full service furrier in the heart of New York’s Fur district. We also have a full line of women’s and men’s shearlings. We are also the last matching house that supplies matching fur to furriers for their repairs and remodels. We specialize in remodelling and restyling taking older furs not being worn and transforming them into a modern day fashion statement. Madison Avenue Furs rents furs for all occasions.

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Pologeorgis is renowned for their tradition of quality, unparalleled craftsmanship as well as innovation in fur design.
In business for over half a century, the New York based Pologeorgis continues to put a modern twist on classic silhouettes.
The on-line boutique offers everything from a personalized mink coat to plush fox jackets and a fur lined parkas for everyday.
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York Furrier

Purveyor of gorgeous furs, stylish fine outerwear and awe inspiring accessories since 1931, York Furrier perfectly blends trend and tradition to present a global clientele with the utmost in both exquisite selection and personalized service.

Discover an extensive selection of furs – mink, sheared furs, fox, luxe sables, chinchillas and lynx; versatile fine outerwear – leathers, shearlings, cashmere or skiwear; along with unique accessories.

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HSIAJIALEER is based in eastern Chinese city of Chong-fu, Zhejiang Province,  which is famous for fur products. Our brand focuses on fur accessories such as fur scarves and bags. Our style is simple and trendy. We have our own factory making the fur products and we are very proud of our hand-making heritage. Our products have very good balance of high quality and nice price.

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作为中国皮草的领军品牌,KC 皮草以其高品质的原材料和国际化的设计而闻名,在全球设立六大设计工作室,签约意大利及国内著名设计师定期驻店,向客户提供高端定制服务。

As the China’s leading fur brand, KC Fur is famous as its high qualified fur material and international design owning 6 design studios in the world. In KC, shop-located famous designers from Italy and China can provide custom-built service periodically to customers.

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QIQI FUR, a luxury brand with purpose for love and family has a focus on high-end fur in the pursuit of quality and innovation. Our furs advocate the natural sense of return, the high-end connotation, the luxury extension to simple, elegant and authentic presentation.

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Shuo Hao Fur


Shuo Hao Fur blends a myriad of sophisticated and traditional techniques with unconventional design, resulting in resplendent and extricate fur styles that are popular with many consumers both in China and in European and American markets. Our design inspirations come from cutting-edge fashion and ensure our leading position in the industry.

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一个为当代时尚女性发声的原创设计师品牌 拥有自由的国际视野和世界都市身份的设计师风格女装品牌 她不仅仅是一个品牌时装 更希望能够传播一种社交文化理念 自然、独特、时髦、高雅 精致的工艺、别出心裁的细节、上乘的材料,让日程生活更精致

An original designer brand for the modern women who has international views in society. We are fashion designers as well as philosophers who spread our philosophy on the understanding of the contemporary women.

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Abel Furs

Abel Furs started as a small family business producing hand-made fur products and accessories. It was established in 1994 in Siatista, Kastoria, the most famous city in the Fur Industry worldwide.

The quality of Abel Furs products, as well as their unique design, quickly put the Abel Furs Label in a high position amongst the biggest fur producers in the world. From that point on, the company grew very fast.
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Alessio Furs

Alessio Furs is proud to sell Italian designed furs worldwide online at factory direct prices. Our goal is to to provide the hottest trends in the fashion industry.

Alessio Furs values the satisfaction of our customers above anything else.

Alessio, is the name of progress in fur fashion—a name that ensures unmatched originality and exceptional quality of fur.

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AVANTI FURS is considered to be one of the Top Fur Experts in the World, with over 150 years’ experience. AVANTI FURS products are exclusively Hand Made in Kastoria. AVANTI FURS dedication to quality is only the beginning. The original design, excellent know-how, the play with technique and the creative use of the right accessories, all make their mark on the end result. AVANTI FURS sets new trends and enjoys the benefits of a style-setter in the sector.

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Bewitched Couture

Bewitched Couture is a UK artisan brand creating contemporary, wearable fur garments and accessories in sustainable and welfare assured fur.  All our items are handmade in our Wiltshire workshop utilising some of the best British materials such as British leather, silk linings and military brass buckles.  Our luxury designs are either one-off pieces of wearable art, limited-edition pieces or bespoke orders.  Unique pieces by Ninx Flanagan for Bewitched Couture are a ‘must-have’ for the discerning fashion collector.

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“Inspired by the bright lights and intoxicating atmosphere of New York City, BKLYN was first launched in 2015. Initially specialising in fur bobble hats with detachable Pom pom’s, 2017 sees the brand moving into clothing collections for the first time. With an emphasis on creating garments with fur trims, BKLYN innovates with new techniques to bring fur to a modern audience.”

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“We are a company with many years of tradition in the fur business. We started our journey in 1975 and today the company is in the hands of second-generation furriers. Our designs can be found in many shops around the world.

We specialize in the creation of garments made mainly from high quality mink fur. Our very experienced staff can create garments from Lynx, Cat Lynx and Sable pelts as well.”

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Kreiten House of Fur

Since 1955, Kreiten House of Fur is located in Viersen (Lower Rhine area) but is also a ‘global player’ performing with its own online shop and fashion label Vapami. Certainly, the filigree craftsmanship by the master furrier builds upon centuries of tradition. Kreiten House of fur is one of the top addresses for fur design and finest fur couture.

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Kürschner Mayer

A family business founded in 1735 is now in the 13th generation of furrier.

We sell more than fur. We sell emotions, fun and a great feeling of comfort.

All of our fur products are handmade in our own fur studio.

Every single piece is unique – because we are unique.

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MAILON FURS is the biggest and most reputable online fur shop in the world, selling online for more than 15 years. 
Everything is manufactured in our facilities in Kastoria, Greece. 
Buying from MAILON FURS is a guarantee for a top quality product at very good prices. 
We manufacture everything, from garments to accessories, and work with all fur types (mink, fox, sable, chinchilla etc) and colors. 
We also make custom orders on demand.

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Mersmann – Am Roggenmarkt 4, one of the most exclusive fashion and fur addresses in Germany. Inspired by fashion shows throughout the world, international design, Made by Mersmann, is the handwriting of the collection which is created in our own studios. Mersmann stands for the harmonious combination of classical craftsmanship with modern design, for creativity and service, and for innovation with simultaneous added value.

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Rachel London

Rachel London designs ready-to-wear collections with classic pieces inspired by street style, catwalk & modern trends. Established in 2010, the brand introduces fur in accessible and contemporary ways.

Rachel Zeitlin is a fourth generation furrier, with exceptional experience in the craftsmanship, the sourcing and the importance of responsibility within the industry, she seeks to change our outdated attitudes toward fur.

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Rebecca Bradley London is one of the few remaining Furrier atelier in the UK. Her company of experienced Furrier designers use traditional methods and machines as well as modern, innovative and exciting new furrier techniques, to produce beautiful designs and fresh new styles.
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SwissFur furriers strive to ensure that red fox fur is used as a native alternative for fashion products. Handmade SwissRedFox® creations are produced to cover tastes ranging from young fashion to classic fur items. The raw material used to create SwissRedFox® products is the Swiss red fox, the origins of which are known and controlled.

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TrickLanes is an all-female company that creates handmade crochet bags with inspiration and attention to detail.
We follow traditional techniques with a modern perspective.
 We use hand-selected, top quality fur skins (RexRabbit, Mongolino, PonySkin, Fox, Mink) in both classic and funky colours & shapes, combined with luxurious yarns & ribbons.
As a result, each bag is completely handmade, highly detailed and totally unique!
Dare to be Unique – with TrickLanes.
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Fur and fashion is our passion. WeLoveParka – inimitable luxury-casual, an absolute statement.

You can choose between two jacket colours, 26 inner linings and 26 collar styles to build and individualize your exceptional favourite parka.

This is how we transform the simple and classic Army Parka M51 into an absolute fashion statement.

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Lars Paustian – International Furs

Among the largest fur online shops, we offer one of the widest varieties of fur blankets and throws, pillows, garments, fur carpets and accessories on the internet. With more than 60 years of experience, we believe that quality can be felt – and so can trust. That is why we only use the finest source materials for all of our products – with no exceptions. Furs of the highest quality, made in Germany – that is what we stand for. Browse through our catalog and explore our large range of beautiful furs now.

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Nathalie Parmentier

“I specifically design the Ouroboros fur scarf for women who are looking for a unique fur scarf that matches their personality.”

Nathalie Parmentier, a natural redhead, spent many of her childhood years in her father Parmentier’s fur store. So it is easy to see where her fascination for fur scarves came from.
All Ouroboros fur scarves are produced in Belgium, in her own workshop, using artisan techniques.

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Imperia Furs & Leather

With emphasis on Greek fur manufacturing tradition dating back to the 14th century and the importance of continuous innovation, Imperia Furs & Leather is an international award-winning fashion brand that stirs emotions due to the uniqueness of its quality, variety, versatility, craftsmanship, and design. The brand offers revised classic, innovative shapes, trimmings and material mixes in a wide colour palette. The also brand provides a ‘double guarantee’ to its customers by supplying pelts of top quality labels such as Blackglama (USA), NAFA (Canada), Saga (Finland), and Kopenhagen Fur (Denmark).

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