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the international fur federation works closely in new projects with anyone who works with fur, these are the success stories



Following the success of REMIX 2019 comes another success story from Chinese designer Long Chen. A young and passionate designer, Long has achieved much over the last few years, and with the help of IFF’s bursary, he has gone on to achieve more. This is Long Chen’s story… Hello everyone, I am Long Chen, a … Continued

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the latest articles about fur, business and fashion


When the public opinion becomes more important than ethics: The truth behind activist’s publicity stunts

We live in a time where fake news and click baits are overtaking the media, where it misleads people for one’s own benefit, and because of this, it is becoming harder and harder to distinguish whether a subject is legit or a hoax. Information is coming out fast, so fast that no one has the … Continued

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