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the international fur federation works closely in new projects with anyone who works with fur, these are the success stories



Another Fur Futures success story comes from Spanish designer Javier Echeverría Sola. When Javier was offered the opportunity to become an International Fur Federation (IFF) Fur Futures Member he was initially humbled for the recognition IFF showed him. However, with the bursary he received from IFF, this recognition quickly translated into several new opportunities. Javier … Continued

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the latest articles about fur, business and fashion


A Furry Christmas Wish List…

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And we are here to guide you with a wish list to help you through the most magical season to look your most festive. There is no better time than Christmas to bring out all-natural fur must-haves. And seeing as it’s just around the corner, there is … Continued

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