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Regional Fur News

fur futures blog

the international fur federation works closely in new projects with anyone who works with fur, these are the success stories


Ninx from Bewitched Couture takes Kopenhagen Fur’s sorting & grading course

Kopenhagen Fur are the most prestigious producers of mink in Europe and it is a privilege to be selected by Kopenhagen Fur to attend their ‘Fur Sorting & Grading Course’ in Denmark. The first major element of the course was an illuminating presentation in the auction room on the key statistics and areas of business … Continued

fur style blog

the latest articles about fur, business and fashion


Fur is flexing its muscles again and proving its worth in modern menswear

Rewind to the end of the eighteenth century and you’ll come across a historical phenomenon known as the Great Male Renunciation. This saw menswear turn its back to brilliant and refined forms, leaving the fashion of adornment and beauty to women’s wear. The post-Renunciation era of style that we live in has made it difficult … Continued

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