As the fashion industry continues to battle with a growing concern on the impact of its operations on the planet, there is a new young and conscious consumer asking questions, wanting transparency and looking for sustainable alternatives while buying a garment.

There is a new generation that is actively engaged in reducing and even reversing the heavy tolls that has been put on the planet causing climate change, pollution and a plastic crisis.

Along the fashion production line, many elements of the supply chain influence the end product.  Sourcing, manufacturing, dressing, dyeing, transport, as well as the workforce behind those garments are all part of the cost that the consumer pays when purchasing a piece of clothing.

The natural fur industry has always been proud of providing a long-lasting, sustainable and an up-cyclable material. Today, the industry takes a step forward to address the conscious consumer’s concerns, and provides a new global certification program, Furmark, that certifies natural fur through its supply chain, transparently showing its movement from farm all the way to the end consumer. It provides quality, assurance, and consumer confidence in natural fur.

That’s the new face of youth fashion – It is trendy yet conscious. It is playful yet responsible. It is fun yet solemn about the well-being of the planet.

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