It is time to reconnect with nature, time to slow down.

2020: it is time to awaken to a new reality, a new world.

Waste has over-flooded the landfills; pollution has overtaken the oxygen that we breathe. Over-consumption and fast fashion has depleted our planet’s resources. A pandemic has brought the world into a complete meltdown. This is our opportunity to slow down and restart.
Slowing down has shown us that this is all the planet needs for it to thrive. Cleaner air, cleaner water, a nature reboot. Slowing down means salvation for planet Earth.

Today, we invite you to value that which will help us heal together, and heal our only home, planet Earth. We invite you to make conscious choices with the awareness that we need to be kind to our planet. Let us consume less and value craftsmanship, detail, beauty and high quality. Let us invest in what is sustainable, long-lasting and biodegradable – in what is continuously being serviced and upcycled.

Let us slow down our fashion consumption, fix the problem and be part of the solution.

The problem of fast-fashion and overconsumption. The problem of pollution and waste. Let us choose natural, slow and sustainable fashion. Let us choose natural fur, and stand up for what we believe in. Let us not be scared to stand out and be a part of a tribe that cares, a tribe that chooses to put the PLANET first and is not apologetic about it. Let us stand firm by our responsible choices.

Let us be the faces of the new world. Let us be the new faces of fashion.

#Slow down

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Natural Fur, The Responsible Choice

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