The event kicked off with 11 finalists from Japan, Korea, China and Hong Kong for the Asia Remix 2016, then “Kazue, “Disaya”, Tokyo Super Models meet fur” took the stage (a fashion brand in Japan by a Thailand creative director and Ms. Kazue Mizushima, a famous fashion stylist, 6 Tokyo Super Models) and a runway show by companies such as Kobe Sangyo Co., Ltd. “Violeta”, Tsukaki Co., Ltd “TK Fur & Yuya Ito” and Miyoshi Fur Co., Ltd “Miyoshi Fur”, fur accessories provided by Kobe Trading Co., Ltd, Passion Co., Ltd and Ohtsuya Co., Ltd.

After a careful judging by 5 final jury members: Mr. Tomoaki Nakamura, Chairman of Japan Fur Federation, Mr. HJ Kim, Chairman of Korean Fur Federation, Ms. Wang Yue, Associate Professor of Tsinghua University, Chief Designer of Wamanda Fur Design Studio, Ms. Lulu Cheung, Famous Designer, Founder of Rolls Group Ltd. and Ms. Kazue Mizushima, Famous Fashion Stylist, the Future Star Design Award went to Ms. Cho Po from Hong Kong, and the Craftsmanship Design Award went to Mr. Hiroshi Suzuki from Japan. Ms. Li Xuan Xuan from China took the title of the Creative Design Award, in addition to reward, Xuan Xuan will also go to Saga Studio in Denmark for one week training, Ms. Natsumi Ikariyama from Japan won the Best Design Award of Male Category (Prize reward and one week training at NAFA studio in Canada. Finally, Mr. Yuki Ando from Japan won the Grand Prize of Female Category (prize reward and one week training at the Kopenhagen Fur studio in Denmark). Mr. Ando drew a design based on op art, which controls vision, and illustrations, switching mink and rex, utilizing pleating and making patterns that can express visually. Mr. Ando, said to the audience:

“I am so happy and I am excited have famous people view my work.”

Congratulations to all the winners and big applause for all the finalists. They had all done a fantastic work.

On the 2nd stage, “Kazue, Disaya, Tokyo super models meet fur”, a special collaboration show was performed by “Disaya” and Kazue Mizushima, the famous stylist, during the event. Super models Sara Mary, Rina Fukushi, Elli-Rose, Shen Tanaka, Alisa Urahama and JUN appeared on the runway in a styles that included fur accessories at the 2016 fall/winter collection.

In recent years, you may think the demand for fake fur has risen in the fashion world; however, the real fur is mankind’s oldest type of clothing worn as winter clothes from the Paleolithic era, after years of development, real fur is the nature material, fur fashion is sustainable fashion, long lasting, renewable and very fashionable. Today, fur can be worn in any seasons and anywhere in your life.


Images from the event

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