Russian Fur Union Introduces the Next Generation to Fur

  • Russian Fur Union, Fur Futures

Russian Fur Union (RFU) started to develop a new project on introducing 12-15 year old school students to the fur industry.

On the 3rd of December 2016, RFU organised a lecture «Fur Rainbow» conducted by the teachers of Moscow State Veterinary Academy which prepare fur specialists.

In a frame work of this lecture students were told about fur as ecological and versatile material that can be used in all seasons of the year. Teachers demonstrated big variety of different fur kinds and talked about their differences. They also talked about main features of fur as a material for tailoring fur garments, let students hold, touch and have a closer look at fur samples and answered many questions.

Students also got information about how to get higher education in fur and about prospect of a future employment.

This lecture was very encouraging and had a positive feedback from students.

This practice of educational activities for children gives them the right idea about the fur, improves the image of the fur industry, and also helps to determine the child’s future career, which is very important in terms of current staff shortages in the fur industry.

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