Proud to be the exclusive seller of Blackglama

American Mink Exchange is an auction house specializing in the sale of North American, high quality, shortnap mink. We collect mink throughout North America, and grade them in the traditional North American manner– graded by the most experienced mink graders in the world.

Recently we have entered into a three year contact to be the sole seller of Blackglama.  It has always been our goal to have a North American company specializing in selling North Amercain mink and promoting the Blackglama label.  We are extremely happy to have this come to fruition.

The Blackglama label will strengthen our worldwide market base, especially throughout China, Korea, Turkey, Greece and Dubai–both in the wholesale and retail sectors.

American Mink Exchange will be holding a live in person auction in Las Vegas, Nevada from May 28th until June 2nd. For more information on how to attend our auction please contact us via email at   [email protected], or visit our website  for additional information.  During the auction we will offer approximately 1.2 million mink, comprised of blacks, whites, pastel, mahogany, blue iris, sapphires, lavenders as well as other mutations.

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