It operates under the symbol SAGCV (click for more information from Google Finance). Saga Furs Oyj has been on the Helsinki Stock Exchange (NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd) since 1986.

—The auction house offers Finn raccoon, mink, and fox furs, as well as karakul pelts.

—Saga Furs was founded in 1938 and is headquartered in Vantaa, Finland.

The auction house is the core the company’s operation although it has an array of partners with breeders on one end of the spectrum and high end fashion labels on the other.

Saga Furs Design Centre is a hub for product development with training for emerging designers that visit for the many seminars or have earned study through competition.

How to Sell Furs at Saga
Fur breeders that want to sell at Saga must first open an account. Afterward they send 1) bar code tickets to the supplier, that should be fastened to all pelts and 2) packing lists in preparation for shipping.

Saga Furs then contacts the fur breeder to arrange a time for pickup from one of their collection points throughout throughout Europe. Shipping from the collection point is paid by Saga.

Quality Bonus Programme offers incentives for top quality production of pelts.

How to Buy Pelts at Saga
Interested customers should contact their sales department with name and company info and should expect to leave a 35% deposit for their expected purchase. For more information visit Saga Furs at www.sagafurs.com/

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