Fur Harvesters Auction based in Ontario, Canada is the largest supplier of Wild Fur.

FHA has gained international recognition and respect for its stellar assortment of unique and luxurious products. Fur brokers, wholesalers and manufacturers have consistently been satisfied with the extraordinary selection of Wild Fur available only in North Bay. For more information visit Fur Harvesters at furharvesters.com

—In the March 2017 auction the company sold:

Sable 30,000
Ranch Mink 8,000
Wild Mink 14,000
Muskrat 140,000
Otter 4,000

Beaver 30,000
Coyote 18,000
Ranch Fox 5,000
Red Fox 6,000
Cross Fox 500

White Fox 1,000
Grey Fox 4,000
Fisher 6,000
Lynx 3,700
Lynx Cat 5,000

Raccoon 100,000
Badger 1,200
Ermine 5,000
Squirrel 5,000

Nunavut Seals

Nunavut is a territory in Canada spanning 1,900,000 sq. km. with 28,000 people.

The Inuit Seal Hunt, an integral part of their culture, is based on survival. Seals are a sustainable resource in a land still isolated from society. The people here were once nomadic and are still with limited access to many other resources including vegetation.

Northwest Territories Fur (NWT), in conjunction with the Government of Northwest Territories market wild fur under the name Genuine Mackenzie Valley Furs and are sold exclusively at Fur Harvesters Auction.

The Government of the Northwest Territories is committed to improving the livelihood of fur harvesters and continues to be an active supporter of the Canadian wild fur industry.

Fur Harvesters Auction Mission Statement

“To promote and enhance Canada’s oldest land based industry and offer the best possible service and fur products for the benefit of all.”

Along with that commitment, FHA’s goals and objectives include:

To provide trappers and other fur shippers with a financially sound, professionally managed fur auction house that is a highly competitive alternative to other fur marketing operations.

To provide staff with a safe, clean work place with meaningful work, fair pay, and opportunities for training and development.

To provide the fur industry including fur manufacturers, fur buyers, fur brokers, skin dealers, and retailers, with an opportunity to purchase high quality fur skins and products.

To promote the fur industry, the use of fur products and the conservation and proper management of our renewable furbearer resource.

To liaise with government and other agencies and organizations to effectively and efficiently market fur.

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