Remix Finalists 2019

Name: Alessia-Rose Legault
Country of Residence: Canada
University: Collège Marie-Victorin – School of Fashion Design (Montréal)
Inspiration: I believe designers play the most important role in ensuring and promoting responsible, ethical and environmentally-conscious practices within the fashion industry. …

Name: Berivan Cemal
Country of Residence: Netherlands
University: Artez Art Academy
Inspiration: My Remix collection is an investigation into my own immigrant background and the deep personal responsibility I feel to translate my heritage for generations to come through my designs and use of fur. My intention was to incorporate philosophical questions …

Name: Christelle Tran-Thiet
Country of Residence: France
University: La Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne
Inspiration: The inspiration for my REMIX collection centres the evolution of humanity, our responsibility to the planet and the awareness of both. My goal is to show the evolution of human responsibility through my clothes in a sustainable way. …

Name: Dong Wang
Country of Residence: China
University: China Northeast Normal University
Inspiration: The naturally dyed blue fur I have used in my design represents the worlds irresponsible use and dependence on plastic. This synthetic material, which is everywhere and often ends up washed up on our beach, not only causes serious pollution to our environment, but it also harms the marine life…

Name: Elina Aarela
Country of Residence: Finland
University: Aalto University of Arts, Design, and Architecture
Inspiration: My REMIX collection centres the use of nature, in all its wild beauty, for fashion. Nature offers mankind everything we need to create, and fashion is no exception. That is why my use of responsible materials like fur, leather, cotton, wool and crystals promote responsible …

Name: Hüseyin Özer
Country of Residence: Turkey
University: Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle, Germany
Inspiration: When I saw natural light shining through the stained-glass windows at the world heritage site Hagia Sophia, I was mesmerized by its beauty. This experience formed the foundation of my REMIX collection, which would pay homage to Hagia Sophia’s aesthetic excellence and intricate beauty. …

Name: Long Chen
Country of Residence: China
University: China Jiangxi Institute of Fashion Technology
Inspiration: I choose to design with fur because, as a fashion material, fur has the lowest discard rate of any textile – it is by nature responsible. Unlike fake fur, natural fur biodegrades without adding to the detrimental impacts the fashion industry has on the environment…

Name: Saskia Reggel
Country of Residence: Germany
University: Berufskolleg Für Mode & Design
Inspiration: I view my collection as a charm bracelet decorated with nature’s most beautiful charm: fur. Like a charm bracelet, you start with the base form, and from there on you build, add and remove elements to suit your mood and style. These interchangeable sustainable components …

Name: Sirapop Dechraksa
Country of Residence: USA
University: Parsons School of Design
Inspiration: There are many reasons why a young fashion designer would feel passionate about working with fur, but above all else is the knowledge that I am designing responsibly. While fur is being questioned by today’s consumers, my passion to educate others with the facts …

Name: Yuliya Yuknovich
Country of Residence: Belarus
University: Belarusian National Technical University
Inspiration: I was always inspired by the natural beauty of my home country: Belarus, with its expanse of fields, forests and deep blue rivers. In the modern world in which we live, we are living fast and consuming even faster, but there comes a time when we have to slow down …

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