I HEART FUR Valentine’s Day Gift Giveaway



Share the love this Valentine’s day and tell the International Fur Federation why you love fur.
Does it create an emotion for you? Does it remind you of a special person or place?

Join We Are Fur on Instagram or Facebook and tag @wearefur in an image describing your feelings toward fur. Should it be a romantic sunset, a trip to the opera, or a loved one – show us in one of the best mediums of expression that exists. Photography.

Three gifts will be offered and shipped out for Valentine’s Day. Deadline for submissions in Feb 20, 2017.

First prize is a Mink Teddy Bear from Liska Furs £105

shown here:

Liska Mink Teddy Bear

Liska Mink Teddy Bear

Second Prize is Saga Fox Neck Ring in Burgundy valued at £70

Saga Furs Neck Ring, We Are Fur

Saga Furs Neck Ring, We Are Fur

Third prize is Saga Mink tail key ring by Maja Cornelius £41

Saga Furs Key Hanger, We Are Fur

Saga Furs Key Hanger, We Are Fur


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