Class of 2017


I like it when creativity becomes part of our lives, for example in the fashion clothing is transformed into a work of art. The need for beauty and art is inseparable from the world of fashion. I am inspired by the expressive possibilities of materials like fur. My work aims to go beyond the boundaries of the traditional ‘frame’ in order to reinforce the physical presence of the material structure to make the clothes “picturesque”.

I am Anna Sofie and I am trained as a textile designer with a MA degree from Design School Kolding in Denmark. I am a very open minded and visual person, who appreciates the aesthetics in every choice I make.

I enjoy creating highly artistic and high end materials, but I am also trained in creating garments for commercial use.

I am fascinated by nature and the materials it provides us, like fur and leather.

Aziza Rozi is an artist and designer studying fashion design at Parsons The New School. Rozi gained expertise in fashion construction and fur technique originating from her high school education, at the High School of Fashion Industries. Under the supervision of her mentors in the Fur New York program, she was recommended for an internship for J Mendel Paris Showroom.
My name is Berivan Cemal born in Holland November 3rd 1991, I am a Dutch menswear designer with Kurdish origin. I graduated from ArtEZ academy of the arts in Holland in 2015. In 2013 I had a chance to work with Furlab, teaching me how to minimalise the waste of fur usage by using new techniques.
Dushica Petit rose as a fashion designer when she graduated from the Haute Couture department at Esmod International Fashion Groupe, Paris, France in June ’16. Right away she blossomed into one of the most promising young fashion designers of the year. Her first collection Winter Flowering was chosen as the ‘outstanding winner’ at the International Youth Designer Competition 2016 (Beijing, China).
My name is Eleni Oikonomidou and I was born in Drama, Greece. Now I am at the end of my BA in Fashion Design & Technology at T.E.I. Technological Educational Institute of Central Macedonia (Department of Kilkis). Let’s say that a small dream came true. After a lot of experimentation on denim and dying techniques, I was introduced to pelts in a fur class at my university. After that, the dreams turned into reality as the creativity with the techniques and designs had begun. Every day I sought to improve my skills but it was never enough for me. My teacher told me that only with hard work are you going to have the results that you desire.

Fur adds life to the garment only with the natural body movement.

It’s something precious, delicate and full of feelings, talking from itself like a feather falling. I like to create around the female​ ​body,​ ​feeling​ ​the​ ​movement,​ ​the​ ​right​ ​balance. I​ ​want​ ​to​ ​give​ ​happiness​ ​in​ ​daily​ ​life​ to ​customers​ that wear ​my​ ​creations.

Between 2016-2017 I had working experiences in the fur industry in Kastoria (Greece) but also in​ ​the​ ​clothing​ ​industry​ ​in​ ​Thessaloniki​ ​(Greece).

I always try to learn more in the fur and fashion crossover taking courses for specialisation, including the one in Toronto at NAFA studios, the course at the Saga design centre in Copenhagen, and then the Fur Summer School in Kastoria by FurEurope. These three experiences have certainly contributed to the fortification of my skills and knowledge.

Fur is a connection to the deepest roots of the Finnish culture: the land was inhabited as a result of the lure of fur. My passion for fur was lit through second-hand coats. Working on them enchanted my senses, producing an experience: “I now remember why I exist.”

Recently, I took part in the Kastoria Fur Summer School. This course changed my life by providing me invaluable knowledge and experience. It provides added value toward my career. I had the chance to work with some of the best professionals of the Greek fur sector—especially Vasilis Kardasis, who was very inspirational.
I am a textile designer. I help my clients and partners to make a statement through materials and colours; to break out of the mould and get noticed. I have a good understanding of the design process and love collaborating with different creatives as well as individuals from other industries. I also enjoy stepping out of my role as a designer and act as project manager in order to create something exciting, positive and unique with a team.

I believe that my design style is a mix of classic menswear influenced by strong street style looks combined with a refined masculinity. My passion and focus are equally strong when choosing fabrics for design as well as in the softness of the cuts. This is something I think is missing in the menswear industry today.

I love to explore the unexplored in mens fashion and play with the garments. It’s the pieces and materials that people usually do not associate with what men usually wear that are most fashionable.

Fur summer school was an amazing experience. We went through the entire process of producing a fur coat, and not only that… My team and I created smart leather and fur accessories with magnets that change your daily outfit.

Currently I am working at a company for computerised organisation of clothing industries.

I had the chance to go to Saga Furs in March and attend the sales auction. As a result of this and my experience in the Kopenhagen Fur grading and sorting Course, I discovered a new part of the fur business I had no prior knowledge of.

Now, my main goal is to work in the fur trade. In fact, my aspiration now is to become an inspector who helps the brokers going over the skins during the auctions, and one day maybe become a broker.

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